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Below are some select heath benefits of the individual movements of various Qi Gong Sets & Exercises we use. These are merely some of the potential benefits of each posture/movement and there are others. For Sets (groups of exercises), there is also a synergistic effect & benefit to performing the whole set. Of course depending on time etc one can pull only a few individual exercises from a set and perform them as your workout.

The number refers to the movement/exercise number

More will be gradually added later

Generally "Posture", can be thought of as movement, Posture 1 = Movement one, as in English the word "Posture" tends to have the impression of a single static posture, however entering into this final "Posture" involves several movements.

Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong (八段錦)

"Heavenly Set of 8 Precious Exercises", "8 Pieces of Brocade", "8 Treasures"

Some health benefits of each Posture

Shibashi Qi Gong (气功十八式) Set #1

"18 Qi Gong Exercises - Set #1"

Some health benefits of each Posture

One imagines that they are standing at the edge of a beautiful Lake of tranquil water, with the sun shining warmly upon you, a nice gentle breeze in the air, and a gentle smile on your face.

This imagery or visualisation, can have a beneficial calming and relaxing affect in itself. And is a good way to start to relax and release tenstion and stress, as you prepare to do the actual exercise. It's encouraed you try to imagine this setting or another nice relaxing setting, such as the beach or mountains.